Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Type One

So far, I have really enjoyed my first Semester of Typography. We just completed our 7th project, which has been my favorite so far. We were assigned to find an article on Graphic Design and find quotes from the article the represent them typographically. One had to be an "AZIF" (phrase coined by Denise Gonzalez) which means the word should represent what it is saying. The other poster had to be more a more traditional type poster.


"Or Not"
Another project that I enjoyed doing was finding examples of typography in the world and evaluating their quality into "good schooled or bad schooled type" or "good unschooled or bad unschooled type." I took a trip to Philly to visit my best friend and got some really good examples.  Ever since this project I am constantly observing and evaluating all the typography around me. Here are some of my favorite examples:

    "Good schooled"

"Bad unschooled"

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